“I feel so very grateful to have worked extensively and intensively over 12 weeks to make the progress that initially seemed like an insurmountable task. I feel so much lighter, freer and back in charge of my life – thanks!”

“Phil understood my problems very well and I liked the various models / theories he used in sessions. I have really enjoyed my therapy and would highly recommend it to others.”

“Phil was able to guide me through the difficulties and focus on what was needed.”

“Phil made all activities and challenges OCD and ‘me-specific’ and I felt like I made quick, long lasting progress as a result. Three months ago, getting up and barely functioning was a difficult thing to do and now I have energy and a positive outlook and am doing new things.”

“I felt I could speak my mind in sessions and receive wonderful encouragement.”

“CBT was extremely helpful in that we didn’t constantly reflect on my past / childhood, but actively took steps to address my current behaviour, beliefs and thinking”

“Therapy with Phil has enabled me to understand my negative mind-set and equipped me with ‘tools’ to challenge my beliefs about myself. It has helped me to change specific unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns. Thank you!”

“CBT has helped me in a very big way. By going through CBT with Phil, I haven’t had to use any medication. I found it extremely helpful.”

“Every aspect of my therapy with Phil was helpful. Learning self-kindness was an amazing learning experience and kind of revolutionary.”

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